We have arrived in the digital arena of latest technology where it has become much easier for us to use the latest technology equipment without much effort. The demand for the latest technologies is increasing these days and the new generation spends much of their time using mobile phones, laptops, television, videos etc. But among these, there is one of the unique technological equipment known as professional drones and they are completely changing the technological stage.  

Industrial Drone Companies: From where it all began

The most impactful unmanned aerial vehicle was seen in 1839 dated back in the history of drones. This was the first time in the history of professional drones when Austrian soldiers attacked the city of Venice with unmanned balloons filled with explosives. The seeds were sown back in time and industrial drone companies started emerging with time.

In the times of Military Drones

While looking back in the year 1982, the first modern drone warfare began when Israel coordinated with the help of UAVs alongside manned aircraft to fight back by eliminating out the Syrian fleet with very minimal losses.

The Israeli Air Force deliberately used military drones to reckon the enemy’s position, jam communications, and to prevent the loss of pilot life by acting as decoys.

Though the technology was nothing new but the IAF discovered its uses in order to make operations more successful and along with it, the international interest in drone hardware came into effect significantly.

Modern History of Professional Drones

As claimed by the Wall Street Journal Report, the history of non-military drones began in earnest in 2006. Government agencies purposely used commercial drones for disaster relief, border surveillance and wildfire fighting, while corporations began using drones to inspect pipelines and spray pesticides on farms which were very effective.

What are professional drones used for?

Here your question about professional drones and its uses will be answered. So let’s take a look at it.

Being the most advanced technology and which gives the impactful results in lesser time are professional drones. They are mostly used to save lives, environment works, archaeology, farming, property management, mining, construction and much more.

There is much demand for drones these days and it is growing very fast.  And not only this every week there are new press releases and research papers based on what new areas drones are being used for. Industrial drone companies are rising for developing drones in a diverse range of applications.

List of drones used in different fields

  1. Rescue
  2. Marketing
  3. Film making
  4. Fire Fighting
  5. Site surveying
  6. Parcel Deliveries
  7. Imaging structures
  8. Precision agriculture
  9. Family Fun Occasions
  10. Lighting Concert Shows
  11. Counting Stockpiles
  12. Search and rescue
  13. Weather patterns
  14. Environmental
  15. Conservation
  16. Insurance
  17. Policing
  18. Sports

    Benefits of Professional Drones

  1. Drones assist fire departments – Drone assisting fire fighting crews will save lives, time and money.
  2. 3D images of monuments and buildings –Drones help in creating precise 3D imaging of large monuments, sculptures and even buildings. They can be used in films, gaming and modelling.
  3. Ecological Drones – Ecological drones are widely used in the surveying of land and coastal regions for erosion. It creates a possibility for producing georeferenced orthomosaic of any landscape or building with high definition digital cameras and specialized software.
  4. Drones in Conservation – Drones have made a wide impact on wildlife conservation.
  5. Drones in Agriculture –Drones used in agriculture are within its reach every week. Drones are been used for time-consuming tasks of surveying farm buildings and fencing; searching for lost sheep and cattle; inspecting land after storms and also checking for flooding or irrigation hosing for leaks.

Apart from these, the relevance of professional drones is increasing rapidly in the oil and gas industry. Energy Dais, an online platform exclusively for this industry, has come up with critical insights on professional drones and their application in the industry. This organization has initiated an informed conversation around the Indian Drone Policy, the key players in the market of professional drones and also, the benefits of using professional drones across the industry.

Undoubtedly, professional drones have assumed the centre stage in technological advancements. It will be interesting to observe the evolution of this powerful tool in various industries.